Start Up America! A Non Fiction Story

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my new blog! This is just an introductory post so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I decided to start a blog because I think that now is the time to expose certain realities, and in some since, reveal what’s really behind the curtains of Tech Start Ups in America.

So many companies are started with the hopes of being the next big thing, most of which cease to exist after the first year of releasing its breakout product. Inside these companies are talented people, who in some way or another loss sight of who they were and what they had attempted to build. Some fall victim to the protocol of things – Those key needs and wants that overly consume what was once your creative space and time.  Before the launch of your company, it was this space that served you well and proved to be your craft cradle that actually help get you to this point.

Rather than remain focused on building your (widget), outsiders that demand consultancy fees, know it all brokers posing as investors, and simply people in general that thirst to be entertained by your wares now become a part of your daily regimen. Before long you begin to notice that most of your time now is steered towards building spreadsheets, business plans and (Clip Notes) cheat sheets about your widget that would help them {The Brokers} understand it better… for presentation purposes of course……. LOL

There is a reason why the early audiences either (remain) with you – supportive of your vision or (swiftly leave) without warning or reason, but no that you’ll see them all again and again.  Know that as  you and your technology matures, so goes the actions of those that are both for you and against your desires to achieve these feats.

Insight on the bigger picture requires that this grinding process remain in tack. It’s integral to the broader scheme of things and how larger companies sift through what’s on tap in these developer circles in hopes of finding the trajectory for their next big innovative push. As for those start-ups that are acquired, well many of them that started as a group of friends, quickly become individual competitors, some with resentment of the core persons that enabled them to go as far as they do,  and still others who saw fit to take as much as he or she could until it finally runs out. These people then are quick to find the next gravy train leaving the collateral damage of the loss of friendships and family morals in their wake.

Note: This is not my attempt to paint a doom and gloom scenario, if you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve read this far, things should have started to appear very familiar.  I named this entry – Start Up America! – primarily to expose the truths about what it really takes to become a successful entrepreneur.   For the past 3 years, we’ve done well to compete and win abroad in the fastest growing tech sector in the world, even picking up a few titles along the way; Asias Top Designer, Innovation and Engineering Award, etc…. but even with these accolades and a roster of world class clients, It has occurred to me that although we’ve achieved some success in the global community, in America, it appears that we’re still nothing more than a Minority Owned Start-up, exposed to the trials, stresses and strains of any typical small business.

A tale among friends is that, “Alexander was only born in America, but both he and his company were Made In China”.  An interesting look behind what it took for me to weather the storms and find a way in the world is what I hope to shed some light on for others like me who are faced with the same extraordinary amount of man made obstacles.

Over the next few months I plan to be writing and sharing posts about what it really took to arrive at this point.  The rest will be unveiled as it lives….

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