Startups In America (Prepare for Battle) Chapter 1.

Lael A. Alexander,  CEO of HiSense
2010 Pudong PRC Noitavonne is Introduced to China. Lael A. Alexander is introduced to Various China Officials in hopes of establishing a presence in the market.

Startups In America! (Prepare for Battle) Chapter 1.

“It took a lot longer to get here than it does to change your mind and do something different”.

It’s a simple thing I tell myself when I’ve reached the proverbial tipping point. We’ve all  faced it!  The moment when your world could go bang or bust…. (notice the word play)… somehow  and someway, an explosion will occur.  The inevitable happens and you as the core of your world  are required to be on the survivors side.

So what do you do? Battle or Simply have the courage to Wait!

When you value the time you spend at something, your life’s work is a result of this expression.   his is easily understood by some, but very hard to interpret by others that are just along for the ride.  Believing in what you started gets harder and harder, especially when you can’t seem do anything  but just that. (BELIEVE

Painting the Picture!

  • As team members start to fade into their own comfort zones, your business momentum stalls to a grinding halt. NOTE: (Still water run deep) IP is loss in these periods, your office is quiet because the talk is offsite.
  • Day to day task go un-done and you don’t know what’s not done until it creates an even larger problem. NOTE: (You were told by some that they can’t work with micro-managers) It’s your details that require it.
  • The domino effect of all things that were once manageable suddenly grew disproportionally out of your control because (it was no longer your role or responsibility to remain astute about every detail) of your dream.
  • The troubles continue to mount up in every direction, from expenses to  personnel gripes, and you can’t put a finger on exactly where its all coming from so you (yourself) loose site of your duties as the vision holder. 

As tempting as it may be to abandon ship, I encourage you to wait.   Your interest and ideals will overcome and somehow get translated into tangible impressions of success. Simply wait for it and get a first row seat for the big reveal, after all, it’s what you’ve created. (Refer to the quote above) LOL

It’s like baking a cake, some things simply take their prescribed time to complete.  Startups should lookaway from  what appears to be “The microwave approach to success”.  It’s a myth.  Not even the fastest of fast startups  get there overnight.  Teams should realize this as fact, after 1 or 2 years in business, things eventually  start gaining definition and depth.  Clarity and perspective is gained by those that have driven the company to this point, and rooms and forums that you hoped to be in now play audience to your presentation because your time  was put in and the industry respects time served. (LMAO)

Don’t get me wrong, there are Cinderella stories, but none publicized to the point that would sway my opinion of how pedigree is still key in startup circles.  Those of us that came from different worlds simply do more with less, an actually, I’m  starting to realize what value add  this notion really is to the contrary.

I’ve learned that you need less in two years than the more you think you  want today”.  Note to self: (start wanting less and completing more!)

Successful founders are patient enough to realize when their company is ripe for the harvest or if it still  requires a bit of pruning. I’m sure you’ve found out by now that most people aren’t built to wait for 3 years of burning  fields before the 1st year’s harvest. (first fruit) Okay,  I was raised…  (Sugarcane farming)

I never did understand why those I started with, would flee when things got a little slow or at the first  sign of turmoil.  Later on in life, many of those people either became a fan in the closet or a foe destined to rival me as if its some comic book fantasy of arch rivals battling over righteousness and the quest to be more liked on Facebook. (LMAO) I’m sorry, back to being serious….. 

I guess its probably something in the DNA of titans, entrepreneurs and hardheaded enthusiast that makes us fight to the bitter end no matter who appears as the challenger to our destiny.  Coming from the small town of Edgard, Louisiana  two major lessons were adopted very early in my dreamy childhood…

  1. Big things move Slow….. Side Note: I lived along the Mississippi River approximately 13 miles from the international port where ships from around  the world would pass us by the levee side of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.  Me an a friend would race to see the port side  of some of the worlds largest tankers and transport ships in order to jot down the names of the ports of origin.  A  kid can dream… today, I’m 41 and have visited many of the ports that i’ve put to paper…. Casing point, some  goals take time to accomplish….
  2. Iron sharpens Iron…… It doesn’t take a degree to understand the principals of sparing, however it does take time to learn its fundamentals.  We’ve always been taught that Iron Sharpens Iron but what went unknown for so long was the insight on why the Iron sharpening was required.  Proverbs Chapter 27 reads, “Better is a neighbor who is near than a brother who is far away”. 

The beliefs, attitudes,  behaviors, and values that are specific to a company are what creates its essence, its strenght and it’s corporate culture.  Team building, edification and vision are cores to this truth. Start-ups in America get approached with a million ways of going around these essential steps towards maturity and sustainability.  Your goal is to exercise resilience by being as agile in business as you are with the manner in which you treat those around you.

Word for the Day

elasticity: the ability of matter to spring back quickly into shape after being bent, stretched, or deformed

Being battle tested as an entrepreneur comes with the program, the sooner you realize it, the more resilient your skin will be.


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