2015 “The New Birth” Noitavonne

lael alexander Noit
CEO Lael Alexander in Noitavonne’s New Houston, TX Facility

In international business, the sun is always rising somewhere. As such, there is always a competitor hard at work, devising strategies to attain or maintain the upper hand. While one sleeps, while one is distracted, while one is satisfied…

In matters of the spirit, a storm is always brewing somewhere. The interconnectedness of humanity nullifies any ideas of indemnity from tribulation. As such, there is always a battle raging, a devil devising strategies to distract one from their mission. While one sleeps, while one is distracted, while one is satisfied…

Last Thursday evening, the Noitavonne team, under the leadership of founder and CEO Lael Alexander was feverishly laboring to get a large order of phones shipped from our factories in China to a domestic client no later than the following Monday. Hong Kong is 14 hours ahead of Houston (Central Standard Time). As such, in China it was already Friday, and that Friday marked the last day of work at our Chinese factories before they shut down for Chinese New Year. Further exacerbating the time crunch were the high costs and varied regulations associated with large-scale international shipping.

Coffee flowed in copious amounts. It was going to be a long night.

In the midst of our collective wrangling of resources, an unexpected call came through announcing the fact that a long time Alexander family friend’s daughter was going into labor after a very challenging pregnancy. There was work to be done. We had a deadline to meet. There were millions of dollars, not to mention our company’s reputation on the line. There wasn’t time for this. And yet…

Between Skype calls to Hong Kong and varied other correspondences with business partners here and abroad, Alexander took the time out to publish the following solicitation of prayers from his sizeable Facebook friend’s list:  “I need prayer warriors on the Job NOW! If you get this just say Amen, and it’s enough…. Seriously guys! NOW!” It was a simple request, it was a heartfelt request, it was a poignant request, and it was a genuine request.

Amazing how one’s skillset can be so seamlessly transferrable. This captain of industry instantly switched gears from delegating responsibilities in respects to a multimillion dollar deal, to delegating responsibilities in the invocation of blessings from the infinite will. This was synchronicity of purpose, appearing divergent. A simultaneous birthing of new lives. One coming at the end of an umbilical cord, the other coming at the end of a bank wire. One newly arriving on the planet, the other circumnavigating it. Both arrivals holding global implications, both requiring the bravery to push through complications, and both requiring the full-fledged commitment to labor implied by one word:


116 likes, 135 “Amen” responses, and 5 hours later, we’d all arrived at our next phase. And as the largest migration of people on the planet commenced half a world away, a 14 pound baby boy triumphantly trumpeted his arrival in the next state, and Noitavonne Incorporated was again able to make a way out of no way. No matter the occasion, complication or case, the Creator is able to make our victories exponential if only we’d push through the growing pains. If only we’d scrape together the strength to let go and let him make a way. If only we’d take the time to pray for the family struggling across the way, recognizing that their angst is our angst, and that their ultimate success is also ours to share. Rise or fall, we all share the same fate at the end of the day. As such our triumphs can only be sustained when we all share a common grace. A grace bestowed upon one and all by an unselfish, holistic, dynamic, sincere, and spirit filled helping of…


Friday the 13th, 2015. The day we made history.  A day filled with victories, and the first day of the rest of our lives. Happy Birthday, little guy. Next year let’s celebrate this miracle together.


Plain and simple.

Just another way that, here at Noitavonne, we’re Doing Something Different.

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