Key Preparation

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY BY NOITTurn back the clock, and give me a little insight on how vital it was for me to protect the things I think about, how invaluable it would be for me to sharpen and promote my natural skills, and how important it would be for me to protect myself from those that could not do the things that I could.  Give me back those 40 something years, and I’ll show you the things that dreams are made of…

Realistically, there is no need to turn back time, evidence is among us… Pursuing your desires largely depend on how well you adapt and who you impress along the way.  I say this because, in no way would I have been able to accomplish any of the feats I have without the trust, help or assistance of others.


The key driver that enabled this however, depended on my ability to deliver at the level of expectation set by the enabler.  Simple!

Stay Tuned…




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